Hollywood Casino Toledo oh does it have what it takes to be the top gaming facility in the area? The casino is located just minutes from the famous nightclubs and bars of Hollywood and is one of the best kept secrets in town. This location is perfect for those wanting to spend some quality time with their friends and family before heading out for the night on the town. What’s more the place is also one of the most popular gambling establishments in the city. If you’re looking for a great spot for poker or blackjack, then you definitely need to check out Hollywood Casino Toledo Oh.

hollywood casino toledo oh

With locations in both Ocotillo and Northridge, Hollywood Casino Toeledo Oh has everything that any gamer would ask for. A huge casino floor with over 300 slots including the famous Video Poker machines, classic slots such as The Ace of Spades and Lure of Spades, many tournaments including the popular Hollywood Slots and even a large stage for acrobatic performances by professionals. Plus not to be overlooked are the various restaurants, bars and clubs. With so much to do and see you’re sure to be happy that you decided to visit this wonderful casino.

Although the Hollywood Casino Toledo Oh offers a lot for those looking for a casino game with a splash, there are a few things that might appeal more to the more adult guests and the gaming kids. There is the infamous nude swimsuit section for those ladies who don’t feel like being all naked and the casino bars. Although these are for adults only, they are still a fun way to spend the evening. Plus they are conveniently located near the lanes with plenty of parking available. Just remember, if you really want to party, you’ll probably want to head to the bars. And if you get a bit tipsy, remember that the casino bars serve alcohol.

If you really want to have some fun in the sun, why not try the Hollywood Casino Toledo Oh’s exciting slots game. You can play no limit holdem or five-card draw; the choice is yours. You can even choose to play a game of craps if you feel like trying something a little out of the ordinary. If luck is on your side, you may even wind up winning a jackpot. And if you aren’t quite that lucky, don’t worry, since there are over two thousand different machine options for you to play on.

The Hollywood Casino Toledo Oh also features an indoor shooting range, which is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of the competition. If you happen to be one of those hunters who prefer to take out their targets outside of the casino before retiring to the lounge for a well deserved nights sleep, then the casino game is for you. You can enjoy the competition of seeing who gets the biggest score. Plus, you can also enjoy the benefits of practicing your archery skills at the indoor shooting range. You might even be the next television reality star, depending on how well you play.

Playing the Hollywood Casino Toledo Oh is easy. Just make sure you check online for any and all updates as they become available. And do yourself a favor and pick the best times to visit the casino during off peak hours. So, get on that computer, fire up your favorite browser and enjoy playing the best slot machines in the world.