One of the best things about the city of Cleveland, Ohio is its wide array of exciting and delicious restaurants, which include The Aventura Hotel in Toledo Ohio. Many of the restaurants feature outstanding cuisine and a live jazz band. Many times during the evening your guests will enjoy music and food that are so unique and tastes so wonderful that they will want to return for more.

For many the artistic creations are the icing on the musical enjoyment. When you begin your travels around the city of Toledo, there are so many wonderful spots to visit that it will be easy to get overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of the city. Whether you are a newcomer to the area or a longtime resident, you will find yourself returning again to see some of the great music and wonderful places to eat. The great thing about the restaurants that the Aventura Hotel in Toledo Ohio provides is that they make a great place to start the night and the place to end it as well.

The restaurants have the latest in food and wine making techniques. The music often reflects the personal tastes of the musicians who provide the entertainment. You can easily take the most outstanding food of the year and have it featured in your favorite restaurant and watch your dinner-mates and friends struggle to keep their composure while having to hear these amazing voices.

The special set-up of the theater allows guests the opportunity to dance to live music, or enjoy a refreshing drink, while watching the performers perform. The concert performances often include some of the greatest names in music today. This is the perfect way to start your evening of good food and wonderful music.

We recommend the Rosemary’s Baby by Tommy Dorsey at this particular favorite restaurant, and we recommend it as an appetizer or dinner each and every time. This dinner features a butteryshell and Italian sausage along with a variety of vegetables, including carrots, celery, zucchini, artichoke hearts, green beans, spinach, and beans. Of course we also enjoy our steak fries as an appetizer and often order a steak sandwich along with baked beans.

Throughout the evening there is no better way to enjoy a glass of wine than by listening to a musician who specializes in songs from a local area, or from a region they know quite well. The popular singer-songwriter Benjy Bronk, of the Urban Winery, often performs in this setting. Benjy plays the piano, sings and plays guitar in his own band, the “City Winery.”

Many of the celebrity chefs do not only enjoy playing musical instruments. They are involved in cooking that speaks directly to your taste buds. The “Black Bart” is an intimate dining experience that combines elegance with sophistication, with mouthwatering finger sandwiches and mouthwatering whole fish served with its own style of risotto, which we also enjoy at the Aventura Hotel in Toledo Ohio.

Whether you are a fan of the city Winery, or of the album “Bonzo” by musician David Crosby, or of the band Buffalo Springfield or Jimi Hendrix, you will find a show that is right for you. If you don’t like the food, we know you will enjoy the musical performances. Visit the Aventura Hotel in Toledo Ohio for dinner and for great entertainment from around the world.